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We welcome you to browse the site, select your item(s), and use our secure site to purchase your merchandise. If you're shopping and using an ACB gift card, please call 612-332-3242.

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Bags and totes for every occasion; ACB luggage tags, too.

ACB sweatshirts and jackets for both men and women.

Top-quality graphite, ID and aluminum folding canes PLUS a variety of tips to suit every need.

Books and CDs in a variety of formats. ACB history, and a guide to audio description.

Flash drives, SD cards, power banks, cables, and other tech gadgets and accessories.

ACB drinkware, coasters and other products to make your home comfortable and welcoming.

Take care of yourself with personal items just for you.

Take advantage of the great deals on our clearance items. Shop now and save. 

Mini Mall News

The Mini Mall Catalog is available upon request in braille, large print, and digital format. It is included on the Braille Forum digital cartridge in audio format. Contact us by phone or email to request the latest catalog. 

New products may be added or removed from the Mini Mall at any time.

Sales and promotions may also take place at the Mini Mall during holidays, at the ACB Conference and Convention, and at other times during the year.

For the latest Mini Mall news, subscribe to the Mini Mall email list by sending a blank message to: [email protected]. It's simple and quick. 

The ADP Shop

The Audio Description Project has an alphabetical list of available described DVD's. To read about and order a DVD, click on the movie title or the year it was released; then read its description and choose the link to purchase it from Amazon. All DVD purchases through these links benefit ACB's Audio Description Project.