Silver power bank - front side
Silver power bank - back side
Silver power bank - front side
ACB Wireless Power Bank
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10,000 mAh; UL listed; wireless charging technology.  The 5V/8A wireless charging pad has a 4600mAh output capacity; wireless charging is compatible with any QI-ENABLED device.  The 2.1A power bank has a 10,000mAh battery capacity with a 5400mAh output capacity.  Features a 1A and a 2.1A USB Type-A port for devices that are not enabled for wireless charging; use a compatible charging cable (not included) for wired charging.  Includes a charging cable forthe power bank.  On/off switch on lower left side; tap once to turn on, twice to turn off.  Place middle of phone on rubber ring for wireless charging.  About 4 hours to fully charge power bank; one hour to charge phone wirelessly, longer for wired charging. 

3 by 6.5 by .75 in.  Silver.